Git Repositories

As of October 2007, the whole LiSA version control has been moved to git. Currently, we have two git repositories:
  • git://

    This is the main git tree. It contains all the userspace part of the project, most of the subprojects, and various scripts for building/maintaining the source code.

    The kernel part of the project is kept under a separate git tree (read below), which is configured under the "linux-2.6" submodule of this tree.
  • git://

    This is a clone of Linus' kernel tree, with LiSA stable releases added as branches.

    Please be advised that older branches are not maintained and we keep them just for reference or historical reasons.
Both repositories can be browsed online. To access the online browser, go here.

Assuming that you have a working installation of git, you should do the following to get a working copy (clone) of LiSA git trees:

git clone git:// lisa
cd lisa
git clone git:// linux-2.6