You can BROWSE the download section of the site or have a look below for a brief description of the various files and versions available. Since LiSA kernel module is not pushed upstream, we are currently maintaining separate branches for several kernel branches. The supported versions are:
  • 2.6.29 (most recent, used for development)
  • 2.6.25 (backport, Fedora 8)
  • 2.6.21 (backport, Fedora 8 Xen)
  • 2.6.18 (backport, Centos 5)
IMPORTANT: LiSA kernel API is not standardized yet. Moreover, LiSA socket address (and protocol) family constants change with each kernel version. This makes userspace builds incompatible across different kernel versions.

For sources, we strongly recommend using git and cloning directly from our trees. We also have prebuilt packages for a few linux distributions (see below).


To avoid incompatibility issues (between the kernel module and the userspace tools), we have developed a strict versioning scheme:
  • Both kernel and userspace tools have a major and a minor version. To be compatible, the major and minor versions of the currently running kernel and the userspace tools must match.
  • Both kernel and userspace tools have a patchlevel. Each time we make a new release of either kernel or userspace tools, the corresponding patchlevel is increased. It is safe to run kernel and userspace tools with different patchlevels.

Stable release (major/minor): 2.0

Older releases (source code tarball)